Camping tickets can be purchased exclusively from and the price is 90 lei/person for 6 days. Given that although the campsite covers a generous area, it is obvious that there is also a capacity limit, so please purchase your access to the campsite in advance.

Children under the age of 16 have free access to the campsite only accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian. It is mandatory in the case of minors to show an identity document, respectively a document certifying the age and the relationship with the companion, as the case may be.

The campsite is located next to the festival and benefits from facilities such as showers and toilets in greater numbers than usual at other editions and in containers for increased comfort and hygiene. The campsite will also be guarded by the security company we work with.

The campsite opens on Tuesday, 02.08.2022 at 12:00 and closes on Monday, 08.08.2022 at 12:00.

An additional paid car park is being arranged in the festival area, which we believe will be ready by August, but we recommend that in order not to overcrowd the area, given that the car parks are also used by tourists coming for other purposes, use the parking spaces. from the town of Râșnov which is a short distance from the festival.

At the campsite, we do not have facilities for charging mobile phones but at the bars and card charging points inside the festival, you will receive support for this.

For caravans (campervans) we will be back with a recommendation for a suitable area.

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