Death Metal

The legendary Swedish death metal band, Hypocrisy, is set to join our lineup this year, 2-6 August. We couldn't be more grateful for having such an influential and iconic band with a 30-year history grace our stage.

Formed in 1991 by the multi-talented Peter Tägtgren, Hypocrisy has made an indelible mark on the death metal scene, exploring themes like the occult, conspiracy theories, astrobiology, societal unrest, and mental illness. The band's distinctive sound has evolved over the years, starting as uncompromising traditional death metal before transitioning into a more melodic, yet still punishing sound that has continued to captivate fans worldwide.

Throughout their impressive career, Hypocrisy has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including 'Hypocrisy' (1999), 'Virus' (2005), 'End of Disclosure' (2013), and their most recent masterpiece, 'Worship' (2021). With Peter Tägtgren on guitars and vocals, the long-time member Mikael Hedlund on bass, and session drummer Henrik Axelsson, the band's current lineup showcases the perfect blend of talent and passion for their craft.

We're truly fortunate to have Hypocrisy in our lineup this year, and we can't wait to see them unleash their raw energy and uncompromising sound on stage. As we count down the days to Rockstadt Extreme Festival, we hope you share our enthusiasm and join us in celebrating the undeniable talent and legacy of Hypocrisy!


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