Death Metal

Immolation, one of the most influential death metal bands to emerge from the United States, is set to bring their raw power and technical prowess to the Rockstadt Extreme Festival in Transylvania this year (2-6 August).

Formed in Yonkers, New York in 1986, Immolation has been a prominent force in the New York death metal scene along with Incantation, Mortician, and Suffocation.

Led by guitarist Robert Vigna and vocalist/bassist Ross Dolan, the band has released eleven studio albums to date, including their debut album "Dawn of Possession" (1991), "Here in After" (1996), "Failures for Gods" (1999), "Close to a World Below" (2000), "Unholy Cult" (2002), and "Atonement" (2017). Their most recent effort, "Acts of God" (2022), further refines their signature blend of old and new school death metal.

Immolation's musical style relies heavily on dissonant harmonic patterns, complex rhythm and drum patterns, and fast tremolo picking mixed with power chords and pinched harmonics. Guitarist Robert Vigna is considered one of the most talented death metal guitarists, while Ross Dolan's intense vocal delivery and bass playing provide the perfect complement to Vigna's guitar work.

Over the years, Immolation has explored a variety of lyrical themes, from anti-religion, particularly anti-Christianity, to politics and the darker side of humanity. The band's shift in lyrical themes was motivated by current events, as Ross Dolan explained: "we started to focus more on the darker side of humanity. Which we did already with the religious themes, of course, because that was a very dark part of our history."

Immolation's live performances are nothing short of legendary, with the band's uncompromising energy and passion leaving audiences in awe. As we eagerly anticipate Immolation's performance at Rockstadt Extreme Festival this year, we invite you to join us in celebrating the band's remarkable talent and unique sound that has made them a staple of the death metal scene. Don't miss out on the chance to witness this legendary band live on stage, and prepare yourself for an intense and unforgettable experience.


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