Post Punk

Originally hailing from Manchester, England, the Underground Youth make moody, often raw, '80s-style post-punk infused with a darkly psychedelic vibe, heavily influenced by names such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Velved Underground, Bob Dylan or The Jesus & Mary Chain. Formed in 2008, the Underground Youth was initially the solo project of singer, guitarist, and songwriter Craig Dyer.

Since the live band was assembled in 2012, TUY have been constantly touring Europe and the rest of the world, consistently selling out shows and receiving widespread praise for their festival performances. Building on their cult following wherever they travel.

With a distinct sound that has continuously developed over the years, TUY have crossed from their unique brand of darkly cinematic psychedelia to a raw and blisteringly style of post-punk. Focusing on contrasting beautiful melodies and dark poetic lyrics, the subconscious of this new album is penetrated by the raw energy and noise of the band’s current live shows.


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